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WORKS an on line art gallery : Oil Paintings Original Works for Sale

RJ Sun Set
Price: $300.00
Sun set

Adorned in Red 24 X 30
Price: $750.00
Adorned in Red a close up of an iris.Original work 24 X 30 inches. The artist was influenced by the twentieth century artist Georgia O' Keeffe, in this work.

Peach Bud
Price: $45.00
This beauty is accented with a very abstract back ground. Painted in oil on canvas.

Hot Pink in a Vase
Price: $150.00
Hot Pink hibiscus illustrated in oil on cavas with warm & cool earth tones in the back ground.

Blue Beauty in oval
Price: $230.00
Bold blue impression of an iris painted in oil on canvas with an oval shape in the back ground which is painted in acrylic with a mat finish.

Graceful in Yellow
Price: $150.00
Is a bold beauty with a yellow accent in an oval & a maroon back ground.

Flamingo in abstract background
Price: $125.00
Abstract empression of a flamingo.

Price: $595.00
Oil painting of an Hawaiian.

Summer in the 90s
Price: $2,000.00
Summer in the 90s is an Oil rindering of veggies.
Hand strached canvas and hand made frame by the artist.

Country 1999
Price: $1,250.00
Country 1999 is a realestic production of fruit. My reason for painting this piece is for the feeling I get from useing paint this way. Creating the elusion that one sees fruit and vegetables.
Price included shipping and handling in the United States.

Flamingo in 90s
Price: $450.00
Oil painting. Figure of the flamingo is semi-abstract with an abtract back ground

Peach Fluff
Price: $35.00
This peach beauty is accented in peach and yellow.

Price: $355.00
Oil painting of friends.

Pink Shadow
Price: $695.00
Pink Shadow is an oil painting which originted from a photo taken by the artist while on the Hawiian Islands.

Price: $595.00
Graceful oil painting is an expression of my love of flowers.The movment of the flower influeneced the shapes in the back ground.

Price: $525.00
Back yard is an oil Painting semi-abstract iris growing in the back yard.

Magnolia based in black
Price: $255.00
Oil painting of magnolia flower, with a black back ground.

Feenys Flower
Price: $130.00
This graceful rendering evolved from a beautiful flower,when I was still in collage.

Peach in a V
Price: $150.00
Hybicus in a peach background.

Magnolia in peach
Price: $120.00
This rendering bring out the peach in it surroundings.

Fine Living
Price: $675.00
This handsome rendering of vegetable in a glass bowl, is painted in oil on canvas.

Alternate 45
Price: $450.00
Rendering from an old home place, painted in oil on canvas.

Bold and Abstract Beauty
Price: $450.00
Abstract rendering of an Iris. Painted in oil on canvas.

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