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WORKS an on line art gallery : Acrylic Paintings Original works

Price: $2,000.00
The original layed back painting is a combination of water color, gouache, and acrylic paints. It is 4 feet by 6 feet work. Canvas & frame was built by the artist, frame is from wood.

Country Bouquet
Price: $500.00
Abract bouquet

Althea in earth tone back ground
Price: $120.00
This beautful pink Althea flower & branch are painted with gloss paint while the back ground is in a mate finch in earth tones.

Purple Iris
Price: $125.00
This beautiful iris is painted in accent of purple.

Pink passion
Price: $200.00
Pink Passion is an expression of an iris with an abtract back gound

Blue Iris
Price: $45.00
Study of an iris close up, accent in blue, with a abstract blurred background. Painted on canvas

Columbus Collage
Price: $2,000.00
Columbus Collage is a study of multiple localtions through out columbus. The images overlay each other. The canvas and frame are hand built by Ruth Romanowski.Painted in acrylic on canvas.

Bloom in Spring
Price: $995.00
This study of a floral was inspired by the graseful beauty of daylilies and is a semi-realic works with an abstract background. Painted on handmaked canvas.

Just for Me
Price: $850.00
Just for me is an arylic study inspired by a bouquet flowers in a basket. Painted on canvas in acrylic.

Rest in the Park
Price: $950.00
Rest in the park was inspired by a seen at Chamberlain Lake in Kentucky.
This study is an expresionistic randering of a deer resting in a park. Original work is 36 X 40 inches. Handmade frame by the artist Ruth Romanowski.

Symmetrical origianal work 20 X 24
Price: $550.00
Symmetrical was painted with the influence of symmetry and a palette of limited color.

Spring Inside
Price: $1,100.00
Spring inside was inspired by a bouquet of flower in a bay window and a number of the artist clay art works. Original works is 36 X 48. Handmade frame by the artist.
This Canvas was stretched by the artist.
For prints look under Acrylic Prints.

Canadain Expression
Price: $650.00
Canadian Expressionistic arylic study of a landscape.

Hibiscus in Pink
Price: $95.00
This bright hibisous is painted in acrylic on gallery profile canvas. Handmade canvas, hand painted & glassed with glossie damar varnish.

Inside the Tulip
Price: $95.00
Close up on the inside of the tulip. Brilliant tulip anchored in a shade of payness gray vase.

Price: $95.00
An abstract impression of a backet of fruit, setting in a window. Painted in acrylic on a handmade gallery profile canvas.

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